Dearie, dearie me, I’ve just spent the last few weeks undergoing the most painful, tortuous, ordeal. Being shouted at, cursed at, dumped on from a great height, stitched up by colleagues, told to ‘clear off’ into a waiting taxi! You name it, I’ve endured it, and all I wanted was a flaming job!!  BUT STOP……

No, we don’t have to sit there in the Apprentice Boardroom under the firing line of Lord Alan Sugar, or Donald Trump being told “you’re fired!”

No, we don’t have to sweat for weeks in the hot and sticky Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey, us having to dodge the flying undercooked chicken and then being told “shut it down” or “F@% off out of my kitchen!!”

And, No, we don’t have to come under the intense scrutiny of the Dragons in the Den and make a fool of ourselves because we got confused between gross profit and net, only to be told “I’m not investing…I’m Ooout!!’

Thank heavens above, we can sit here with coffee in one hand and remote control in the other and learn the good, the bad and the ugly about business, leadership and heaven knows what else, from the comfort and security of our armchairs.

Welcome to Armchair Apprentice.co.uk!!!! We are about learning from the experience and expertise of others. We are here to bring you some pearls of wisdom from the many reality TV series which covers careers and business. I have to admit to being a complete fan of all the aforementioned (particularly the Apprentice…), so I will be doing a lot of viewing, chewing and bringing you some gems that will help you build a successful career or business.

Sooo, let us get started and have fun as Armchair Apprentices!!!


We’d love to hear from you!


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